Hurts so Good to Be Alive – Dave Days

Published on November 21, 2017 by pasha

Dave Days – Hurts so Good to Be Alive

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Song Name : Hurts so Good to Be Alive

Artist: Dave Days


Lyrics: Don’t want to live like everybody else
Do things the same as everybody else no I won’t take it
Make mistakes find a friend in failure
So when I’m old and gray regret can’t get the best of me

We’re lucky we were born to die
It hurts so good to be alive

Flights to Hawaii parties in Shibuya
Let’s make some music make some money and plan for the future
But I can’t wake up what is anxiety
Can’t commit battling what I’ve become and who I used to be

I don’t want to go no more
Every time I make it I feel the same as I did before

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