Citrus Opening Ending OST Download [Completed]

Citrus Opening Ending OST Download

Yo Everyone, Whats up?

This time i wanna share about “Citrus” opening and ending songs ost download link.

The opening song “Azalea (アザレア)” by nano.RIPE.

And the ending song “Dear Teardrop” by Mia REGINA.

Well guys, let’s check it out!


  1. Download Citrus Opening Song

Song Name : Azalea (アザレア)

Artist : nano.RIPE

Short Version/TV Size : [Solidfiles][Zippyshare][Mirror]

Download Full Version : [Solidfiles] – [Zippyshare][Mirror]

Song Lyrics : [Coming Soon]
2. Download Citrus Ending Song

Song Name : Dear Teardrop

Artist : Mia REGINA

Short Version/TV Size : [Solidfiles][Zippyshare][Mirror]

Download Full Version: [Solidfiles][Zippyshare][Mirror]

Song Lyrics : [Coming Soon]


Yosh, that is Citrus Opening and Ending OST. If the song still Tv Size/short version, the download link will be updated to Full version when Available.

So just subscribe to this site and you will be noticed when the Download Link of full version updated. See yah!

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