5 Hatsune Miku's EDM Songs that Would Makes your Day

5 Hatsune Miku’s EDM Songs that Would Makes your Day

Yo, welcome back to MyAnimeOst.net, this time i want to share about some recommendation songs of Hatsune Miku.

And the theme is 5 Hatsune Miku’s EDM Songs that Would Makes your Day.

EDM or Electronic Dance Music. These genre of music kinda viral lately. Yeah, no wonder why, because it has awesome music. Especially when Hatsune Miku sing it.

Yea, i mean sing along EDM Music, and something like that. Uhm, please forgive my Grammar.


Well, the point is i will share some of Miku’s epic EDM songs which are awesome and cool. Few are Remix, while the rest are made by some Great Composers using v3 and V4.

Let’s check it out!

1. Only One (Tokuya Remix) – [Download Here]

First of all, Only One, remix by Tokuya. This one is an epic song by Miku.

Because when you search it on youtube, there are only 2 results of this song appear.

But it doesn’t mean this song was not a good song, you can listen and enjoy the music below, i’m sure you will love it.

Want to know more about Tokuya? Meet him on soundcloud here

2. Tell Your World (iMeiden Remix) – [Download Here]

Tell your world, i’m sure most of Miku fans know about this song. This song pretty popular around Vocaloid Fans.

This song also has some different version. Original version, Livetune, Project Diva. But do you know if it also has EDM Remix version?

Yeah it is, and this EDM Remix by iMeiden is my favorite.

3. Please (Made using V4X by Twinfield – [Download Here]

You know, we can made our own Vocaloid music and song using a PC software named V3 and V4. Maybe some of you already know that.

But it’s not easy to compose a good song, i’ve try it once and i don’t even have any idea what to do, all i did just make a terrible song.

Anyway, This song is the cutest EDM song of Miku in this list. Here you can listen to it!

I think i can’t stop listening to this song, so cute and awesome too, applause for Twinfield, he did a great job. xD

4. Angraecum (Made using V3 by Clean Tears) – [Download Here]

And the nex song is. Angraecum by Clean Tears. Made using V3 (the Previous version of V4).

Well, i’m not sure what is the meaning but it just sounds cool for me and worth to be in this list.

I really like the music, and soft voice from Miku that he made, seems like this Clean Tears is a pro composer xD

Anyway you can meet him on Soundcloud here.

5. Shutter (iMeiden Remix) – [Download Here]

And now, the last song of this list, and the best song as well.

It’s Shutter, Remixed by iMeiden. I can’t explain much, it’s just so cool and awesome remix. You can listen it here


Yosh, that is 5 Hatsune Miku’s EDM Songs that Would Makes your Day.

Well, i hope these songs would really makes your day.

And i’m sorry for my bad grammar. I’m not sure if it’s readable, i was not used with english.

I think i shall join in english course.

Hmm, see you in the next post!