5 Hatsune Miku Songs That Would Makes your Mood Get Better

5 Hatsune Miku Songs That Would Makes your Mood Get Better

Yo everyone, what’s up? This time i wanna share about 5 Hatsune Miku Songs That Would Makes your Mood Get Better. Happy reading ^_^

As we know, Hatsune Miku is a CG idol which also the main member of Vocaloid group. And Hatsune Miku has typical cute voice and really comfortable.

And the songs that i’m gonna share is the best of Hatsune Miku’s songs that will makes your mood get better. Well, maybe xD

Eventhough you’re not fan of Miku or Vocaloid, just try to listen it, because i’m really sure that you will become Fan of Hatsune Miku after listening these songs that i’m gonna share here, haha xD

Well guys, this is it “5 Hatsune Miku Songs That Would Makes your Mood Get Better”. Let’s check it out!

1. Andante – [Download Here]

This song is epic one and not all Vocaloid fan know about this song. But this song really good and calm, also make you feel peaceful.


This is the song preview anyway, enjoy!

2. Star Story – [Download Here]

This song is one of my favorite. Even though this song is an old song, but this song is always suitable and comfortable  to listen in every moment.

Especially Miku’s voice in this song is so soft and makes whoever hear it feels calm and happy.

3. Nijiiro (虹色) – [Download Here]

Hmm, the next Hatsune Miku’s song that would makes your life in peace is this song, “Nijiiro”.

This song is one of my favorite mood booster, because Miku’s voice in this song and also the music sounds really good that makes this song worth to be one of the list.

4. Tell Your World – [Download Here]

I think you all of Miku’s Fans certainly knew this song. Yeah because this song is really popular and we all know this song is really good as mood booster, this is one of my favorite of course.

And the version of this song that i share is a special version which even better than the original version. Enjoy! ^_^

5. Jubiri (ジュビリー) – [Download Here]

And the last one is “Jubiri”. This song is one of the song in Tell Your World Livetune album. By the beatiful music and zestful lyrics, it would makes your bad day becomes happy. ^_^

Well, if you want to download all of the songs in one pack (Rar), just click: [Download 1-5 Rar]

Yosh, that’s it guys. Just try to download and listen the songs because i’m sure you will love it ^_^

And i’m so sorry for my R.I.P English grammar, don’t mind it okay? see yah xD

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