4 Japanese Piano and Acoustic Songs Best Choice for Relax

Yo Everyone, welcome back to MyAnimeOst.net, this time i want to share about 4 Japanese Piano and Acoustic Songs best choice for relax.

Well, we know that acoustic and piano music always be the best choice for relax, we can enjoy it while sing along the song as well.

And as Japanese Music addicted, here’s some Japanese songs recommendation for you. Let’s check it out!

1. In the Rain Acoustic version by Tori – [Download Here]

First of all is In the Rain song, the singer is Tori and it’s actually a cover version of Hatsune Miku’s Dark song which composed by Keeno.

But yeah, i think this version is beautiful, and this one is my favorite song to listen to while relaxing.

The song nuanced acoustic, sound comfortable especially Tori’s soft voice touch the heart, and this song is better and more suitably be heard in the rain.

Anyway below is the song preview, enjoy!

2. Old Today by SawanoHiroyuki [nZk] Feat. Mizuki – [Download Here]

The next song is Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Mizuki’s song, Old Today.

This song is still the part of Re:Creators soundtrack.

It’s really good to listen while relaxing, eventhough it’s not pure piano, but still it’s a good song.

And yeah, we know that Sawano Hiroyuki is one of the Masterpiece in making music.

Here’s the song preview anyway, enjoy!


3. BANKA / illion by Radwimps – [Download Here]

Hmm… The next song is the opening/ending song of Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie which just released recently, BANKA, sung by Radwimps. though i haven’t watched the movie yet.

As we know, Their songs also used in Anime Kimi no Na Wa.

The song is cool, really good to listen especially in your relaxing moments.

Here’s the song preview!


4. Child Funeral by Sara Matsumoto – [Download Here]

And the last song in this list is Child Funeral by Sara Matsumoto, i’m not sure about the song title anyway, it written used Chinese traditional language.

The Original title is 童 葬 祭. I found it on youtube few days ago, and yeah, it’s a nice song, i think.

This one sounded very comfortable with the feel of an acoustic thick, her vocals fit really well with the strains of guitar that makes this song very convenient to carry relax quietly.

here’s the song preview, enjoy!


Yosh, that is 4 Japanese Piano and Acoustic Songs Best Choice for Relax MyAnimeOst.net version.

To be honest i want to make 7 songs in this list, but i’m not confident with my English grammar, and some texts were translated using Google Translate.

Well, maybe i’ll hire few good English writers for this web. Or you may want to join us?

Hmm, will open the recruitment ASAP. That’s all for now, see yah!